Package healthstack.app


Name Summary
EducationView [androidJvm]
class EducationView(val changeNavigation: (AppStage) -> Unit, publications: List<Publication>)
HomeScreenState [androidJvm]
enum HomeScreenState : Enum<HomeScreenState>
Enum class representing the possible states of the home screen.


Name Summary
BaseApplication [androidJvm]
fun BaseApplication(onboardingTask: OnboardingTask, singUpTask: SignUpTask, statusList: List<StatusDataType>, healthDataSyncSpecs: List<SyncManager.HealthDataSyncSpec>)
Composable function representing the entire application.
HealthStatusCard [androidJvm]
fun HealthStatusCard(data: List<HealthStatus>)
Home [androidJvm]
fun Home(dataTypeStatus: List<StatusDataType>, viewModel: TaskViewModel, changeNavigation: (AppStage) -> Unit)
A composable function representing the entire application.
HomeTaskCard [androidJvm]
fun HomeTaskCard(title: String, state: TaskViewModel.TasksState, onReload: () -> Unit = { }, onStartTask: (Task) -> Unit = { })
A composable function that displays a card view for a list of tasks.
StatusCards [androidJvm]
fun StatusCards(dataTypeStatus: List<StatusDataType>, viewModel: TaskViewModel)
TaskStatusCard [androidJvm]
fun TaskStatusCard(dataType: StatusDataType, viewModel: TaskViewModel)