In addition to the one-time app SDK installation steps, these configuration steps are required for each app you develop:

  1. Register your app with the Firebase project you created during app SDK installation and update the <repository>/app/google-service.json configuration file.

    For example:

      "project_info": {
        "project_number": "100000000000",
        "project_id": "sample-project",
        "storage_bucket": ""
     "client": [
          "client_info": {
            "mobilesdk_app_id": "1:100000000000:android:abcdefgh",
            "android_client_info": {
              "package_name": ""

    Refer to for details.

  2. For full-stack implementations only, associate your app with the backend system and portal study.

    In starter-app/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml, update the lines at the bottom of the file that specify your backend system’s endpoint and your study’s project ID, for example:

    <string name="research_platform_endpoint"></string>
    <string name="research_project_id">1</string>

    Note: The project ID of your study is contained in the JSON response of a POST /api/projects request.

  3. Make the app available for downloading.